Antique Fishing Rods - Market Value


When you have an antique fishing rod in your hand, you have a piece of history with you.

Before knowing how much an old bamboo rod is worth, you know that the very rod you are holding in your hands is the testimony of the past. It was not only made out of passion but often also in suffering living conditions.

For bamboo rod makers the love for nature and fishing played an important role, too.

Concerning the value, I can say this: to me, the financial value comes as second place in importance, but yes, the value of an old rod is also important and not only for money's sake but because the financial value goes hand to hand with quality.

Here is an overview of what it might be worth:


Check here, the Len and Carol Codella Website for examples of antique and vintage fishing rods values and especially the beautiful Rick Sorensen westslopefly (and subscribe to his newsletter), too as well! Old fishing tackle websites worth bookmarking!

And I wrote in other parts of this website more on the subject: read on!

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